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Paige W. - HS Softball/Basketball (Div 1 Full Schoalrship)

Antonio Davis and Premiere Sports Academy has elevated my athletic performance to levels that I didn't even know I was capable of attaining. Antonio is the strength and conditioning expert every high level athlete should seek out. When I was searching for the perfect strength and conditioning trainer, all of the best athletes went to PSA. You think you are working hard until Antonio gets a hold of you. He is motivational and truly cares about his athletes. He trains his athletes to be disciplined in sports, academics and life. His guidance has been so valuable in helping me attain my dreams and goals of playing D1 sports. Antonio and PSA is an absolute must if you are striving to be the best athlete and person you can be.

Katie B. -HS Field Hockey

I went to Premiere Sports Academy in search of becoming more physically fit, stronger, and to prevent further injury at the collegiate level of sports. After my video evaluation I was amazed by all the areas I needed to improve on, and how Antonio knew by a 10 second video my strengths, weaknesses, muscle imbalances, but most importantly how to help me become a better athlete. Antonio has mastered how to communicate with children and young adults in a way that motivates them to become the best version of themselves. There is no quitting because even the unthinkable is possible. Not only have I increased my strength, quickness, and endurance in just 2 short months, but I have also grown as an athlete and a person. PSA is not a place to work out for me, it is my home to train so that I can accomplish my dreams of becoming a star on the field hockey field. There is never a day where I don’t want to go to training. Every session I learn something knew about myself and how I can become a better player on the field. I know that next year in college I can be proud of where I am because Antonio helped me put the effort and hard work in to get me there. I am so glad that I found PSA and met Antonio. I know for a fact that I would not have the chance be a starter freshman year if it wasn’t for him.

Holly A. - Parent of Pre-teen Athlete

My daughter began training at PSA approximately 6 months ago. She really wanted a program that would help her increase her fitness level and compete as a more serious athlete. When we first met Antonio, he connected immediately with my daughter. He is passionate about training athletes to reach their highest potential. Antonio focuses on both physical and mental strength. He has the ability to motivate people to go after their dreams. Antonio's influence has had positive effects on her academics, her fitness, and her overall outlook on life. My daughter says that "Antonio has changed her life" and I would agree.

Sammy P. -Middle School Field Hockey (USAFH U19 / USAFH Indoor)

I started training at the Premiere Sports Academy when I was 11 years old; I am now 14 and a member of the USA U17 National field hockey team. I can honestly say that I would not be there without Antonio. Antonio has made me not only a faster, quicker and a stronger athlete, but a smarter athlete. Training is always hard, and I'm not going to lie, sometimes I hate it, but there is never a day when I don't look forward to going to PSA. Antonio is so caring, and wants to help everyone. He is not only interested in my field hockey career, but my life in general. Looking back at how far I have come is really amazing, and I can't wait to see the progress to come in the future.

Katy M. - HS Basketball / Track

I had heard good things about Premiere Sports Academy from a friend that Antonio helped recover from an ACL tear. I decided to do it because I have always been known as super weak in sports and I wanted to become stronger. My year so far at Premiere Sports Academy has been very successful. Although I have only been working out since September I already am so much stronger and happier with myself. Antonio's constant motivation and passion helps me get through even the hardest workouts. The diversity of every workout helps me get stronger in every aspect. The facilities are fantastic with high quality equipment. At Premiere Sports Academy I am able to work on and achieve my goals in a positive environment.

Kayla G. -HS Soccer

At the beginning of summer I couldn't even walk without my ankle hurting and I got cut from my premiere team because of injuries. After training with Antonio Davis and attending PSA, I'm playing soccer better than I ever have before, pain free! With my hard work, dedication, and help of Antonio Davis, PSA has been a life changing experience. I love training at PSA, thanks Antonio!

Belin M. -HS Tennis

When I started at Premiere Sports Academy I was an injured athlete looking for anything and anyone that would help me get better. Antonio not only helped me recover from double stress fractures in my shins, but he also worked my body into the best physical and mental shape it has ever been in. Antonio has taught me to use my past failures as motivation for constantly improving my game. From training at PSA, I returned from injury and became the #1 singles player on my tennis team. In the time I have been at PSA, I have trained with incredible athletes and watched countless kids improve more than I thought was possible in a short period of time. PSA is not just a premier training facility; it is an unparalleled community of supportive, passionate athletes seeking success.

Marty Magrid -NFL-Agent MRM Sports

I would strongly encourage any athlete looking to get ahead of the competition to enroll in the PSA (Premiere Sports Academy) program. Antonio Davis is knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to improving the performance of their Athletes. His company's training philosophy is based on sound principles and experience. PSA will implement a safe and well balanced program. My company MRM SPORTS has used Antonio and his staff for over 15 years training my NFL clients. His results are outstanding.PSA will mentally and physically prepare athletes.

Tom G.-PSA Parent

Antonio Davis in my opinion is hands down the best trainer for any athlete, physically and mentally. We took our daughter to him injured, and only one week off of crutches from an ankle injury. Three short months later at about 2 to 3 times per week and she was going into pre-season with a great attitude and strong enough to make her varsity squad as a freshman. He's more than a just a trainer. He's a motivator, a confidant, a shoulder to cry on, and a friend to help pick you back up and help you prove to yourself that you have what it takes to be a champion

Tom M.  -PSA Parent 

When Belin, our daughter met Antonio, she was battling stress fracture injuries. Antonio quickly presented a customized training solution to balance and strengthen her body, and her mind. Belin committed to the program immediately! She wanted to practice and compete in Girl's High School Varsity Tennis. Antonio's goal was to keep her free of injuries. Through his program, Belin became stronger, faster, and smarter on the tennis court. Antonio's program develops valuable tangible and intangible benefits that strengthen a young person's character. Some examples are improved determination, focus, confidence, discipline, and respectfulness. These benefits are evident both on and off the court. Belin competed at Varsity singles, and District singles and doubles as a Junior and Senior. She also was a Team Captain who inspired, and led her team to experience stronger unity. Belin was awarded the "Comeback Player Award" as a junior, and "Coach's MVP Award" as a senior. Antonio played a key role in motivating, and mentoring Belin to persevere through adversity. He taught her to methodically focus on accomplishing her goals. Antonio connects with each individual in a genuine way. He then proceeds to customize a plan that creates an opportunity for them to reach their full potential based in desire!  Antonio is passionate inspiration!

Cary W. -PSA Parent

Antonio Davis' training programs give athletes the tools to not only succeed athletically but also academically and socially. These skills will stay with them through college and life. They learn how to work with others, face obstacles, and build confidence. It is one of the best investments we have made for my children.

Isabelle W. -HS Field Hockey

I have had such a positive experience with Antonio Davis' training programs that it is hard to picture where I would be without it. It has improved my life in so many ways not only athletically but socially and academically. The amount of confidence that I have gained from training at PSA is unbelievable. We are a team at PSA that supports one another and pushes each other to be the best that we can be. Most people dread going to the gym, but I truly love going to PSA because I know that I will be working and training hard and it is easy to see the improvement. PSA has transformed me from a quiet, self-conscious teenager who loves field hockey to a strong, confident athlete that is receiving offers to play at the collegiate level.

Riley M -HS Laccrosse 

Premiere Sports Academy is not just a gym, and Antonio Davis is not just a trainer. Through my three and a half years at PSA I have learned more about myself in that time than in twelve years of school. At PSA, I found out my physical capabilities and was able to improve every aspect of my overall physical performance as an athlete. Antonio not only focused on the physical side of athletics, but concentrates on the mental side of it which is just as important. I use what I have learned about mental toughness every day and wouldn't be who I am now without that knowledge. My experience of being a Premier athlete has been something that I will bring with me wherever I go in life. Antonio taught me to set standards, work through the pain, give it to people strait, make a goal, and how to be 2%. Antonio Davis is a friend, mentor, role model, and all around great person who helps kids, like myself, find their full potential and be even better than they ever dreamed. I am extremely proud and fortunate to say that I train at Premier Sports Academy with Antonio Davis.

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