Unmatched Reaction
Establish Superior Agility & Quickness
Endurance & Stamina

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Youth Level

(Introduction to sports training for athletes for ages 6-9)

Intermediate Level

(Introductory strength training along with mild aerobic conditioning for ages 11+)

Scholarship Seeker

(Intense level training seeking high level achievements for ages 13+)


High Performance Tennis Training Sessions
In addition to top tennis movement performance training, players must engage in overall strength training and nutritional awareness coaching.

With PSA's mental performance program designed to help athletes maintain their focus & performance output, athletes can experience improved results in a relatively short period of time.

Combined, we have been sending tennis players to top colleges for over 25 years, and our athletes have earned millions of dollars in athletic scholarships.

Re-Action Time

PSA's specialized reactionary training program greatly and noticably enhances the athlete's ability to process information and act on it!  From the eyes ability to see it, to advanced quickness and acceleration literally makes it seem like all competitors are moving in slow motion.

Re-Connect Team Bonds

  The overall atmosphere at PSA promotes sportsmanship & teamwork bonding teams closer and tighter than any other type of experience can.  Teams that go through the fire together cannot get burned in competition.

RE-Think Off Season

Teams going through fall and winter training together at PSA simply approach  conditioning, education, strength, power and coachability at a different level.  This leads to a cultural positivity that cannot be undone.

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