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Total Athletic Proficiency Examination

Premiere Sports Academy Is The Solution Bridging The Gap Between

Physical Therapy & Superior Athletic Participation.

*How secure is the Therapist in the FULL recovery upon therapy expiration?
*How secure is the Surgeon in the FULL recovery upon therapy expiration?
*How secure is the Athlete in FULL recovery upon physical therapy expiration
*How secure are the Parents in FULL recovery upon physical therapy expiration?
*What was the underlying cause of the injury? Was it corrected?                                                 *How fast, strong and fit is the athlete following the rehab process?

Not sure? Many athletes return to practice not only insecure in their recovery are dangerously de-conditioned from extended periods of limited activity. This is a tremendous hill to climb and without Premiere Sports Academy athletes can find themselves sidelined again with either the same injury or a new one.


(S.W.A.G) Evaluation & Scoring SystemTM

The SWAG acronym stands for Speed, Work ethic, Agility, and General fitness.  Athletes receive a placement score compiled from Both Structural & Physical Sports Performance Evaluations. The placement score determines an athlete's potential level of ability as well as includes insights as the help each component can be dramatically improved. These tests were selected because there is a direct correlation between success on these tests and athletic success in sports such as football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, field hockey, tennis, track and lacrosse.



Being "Fast" is how well you can get your entire body from point A to point B. Athletes are evaluated on their sprint times and acceleration ability.

  • 5 Yard Dash
  • 10 Yard Dash
  • 40 Yard Dash
  • Home to First

Work Ethic, Confidence & Self Esteem

Ability to maintain an enduring athletic commitment to training one is the most difficult part of being a superior athlete. Consistency in training at PSA is a huge factor at determining physical performance results.

  • Training Frequency (Based on Number of Training Sessions over 8 weeks)
  • Learning Curve (Processing & implementing learned informationl)
  • Mental Toughness (Believing in yourself despite history or popular opinion)

Agility & Power

Athletes are evaluated on their ability to change directions or activities, manage momentum and re-accelerate around cones and obstacles

  • Pro Agility (5-10-5 drill)
  • Illinois Agility Drill
  • Vertical Jump
  • Standing Long Jump

General fitness

Conditioning enables athletes to do more work, in higher volumes, with less effort. Athletes are evaluated on athletic endurance including aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

  • 300 yard shuttle
  • Premiere Sports Hustle DrillTM

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