PSA Minions Class for Kids Aged 6 - 9

PSA's Custom Evaluation Process

* Identify Mechanical Flaws in Running Form

* Target Muscle Flexibility Imbalances

* Uncover Limits in Range of Motion

* Find Strength & Power Deficiencies

Antonio's Anatomy of Sprinting

* Learn How Each Part Contributes

* Learn Proper Form From Head to Toe

* Understand Differences Between Quick & Fast

* Discover To Be Faster While Using Less Energy

* See Noticeable Improvements The First Day 


Unmatched Results (click to see average improvements)

* Learn Advanced Physics Taught at an Elementary Level

* Understand Why People Succeed and Over Come Challenges

* Discover What Steps You Need to do to Improve

* How To Incorporate What You Learn Into Sports


The animated characters called "Minon's" are the registered trademarks of Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment.

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