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Batter Up: Softball & Baseball Specific Training

Classes Forming Now 

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Youth Level

(Introduction to sports training for athletes for ages 6-9)

Intermediate Level

(Introductory strength training along with mild aerobic conditioning for ages 10+)

Scholarship Seeker

(Intense level training seeking high level achievements for ages 13+)

16 week Pre Season Team Training Camp

(Designed to train your mental toughness, stamina & athletic ability for ages 12+ priced per player)

Training You Simply Can't Afford to Miss! 


Position Specific Agility Training

Foot Quickness and Ground Ball Reaction

Home to 1st Running Mechanics

Catcher Specific Quickness and Hand Eye Coordination

Off The Bag First Step Sprint & Acceleration

Bat Speed & Radar Testing   

Batters Box Turn & Sprint Techniques

Pitching Specific Strength and Power Training

Never Ending Endurance and Fitness


TEAM RATES ARE SUPER LOW! For Info E-mail: PremiereSports@aol.com

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