Privacy Policy



Premiere Sports Academy's privacy policy is simple. PSA will never give any information you provide or any information obtained through its facility or
website(s) with you to anyone. No exceptions. PSA considers all relationships to be operating under an assumed confidentiality agreement from the moment of first contact. PSA will not discuss client business with anyone unless directed to do so by the client.
For that reason you won't see company names or logos splashed all over the PSA website. Our clients are happy to provide a reference in the form of testimonials. PSA can provide these testimonials as well, however only their initials, sport and level of expertise will be listed. They're busy people and this isn't the place to publish their names. You'd want the same treatment, right?
Any and all images are used with expressed written permission from past and current PSA clients.
All published information included in this and all affiliated websites are protected by copyright. Furthermore, PSA deems it unethical to (knowingly) provide service to any business with whom you have no affiliation.

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