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Physical Sports Performance Evaluation

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Premiere Sports Academy uses the Physical Sports Performance Evaluation, designed by Antonio Davis, to determine reasons why an athlete's performance may not be representative of their work ethic.  This trademarked talent assessment is a very effective evaluation tool for determining the following:


Acceleration & Sprint Mechanics

One of the most overlooked part of athletic performance test to start at the very beginning.  Without understanding skeletal structure; work ethic, weight training & conditioning are all useless. A body's structure must be positioned properly in order to benefit from sports and performance.  Without it hard work can literally lead to no progress.  Here are just a few elements this one-of-a-kind structural analysis will uncover.

  • Skeletal alignment
  • Postural imbalances
  • Joint stability
  • Range of motion
  • Direction of mechanical leverage

First the Quickness Understanding anatomy and physiology at its basic level we'll give a huge benefit to understanding how to train properly.  In layman's terms Anatomy is the study of "what and where"; Physiology is the study of the "muscle's job".  This portion of the assessment focuses on:

  • Muscular balance 
  • Muscular flexibility and range of motion 
  • Muscular Stabilization 
  • Risk of injury to joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons

Agility and change of directionAfter understanding the client's structural & muscular deficiencies; parents, athletes and coaches well have a clear understanding of how improvement in the areas discovered. During the assessment it will also be clear as to how proper training have a dramatic effect on their athlete's future potential for greatness.  There will be a better understanding of the following sciences.

  • Building Applicable Strength versus Generic Weight Training
  • Understanding Training versus Practices & Workouts
  • Transforming Self-esteem into Mental Toughness 

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