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Youth Level

 (Introduction to sports training for athletes for ages 6-9) 

Intermediate Level 

(Introductory strength training along with mild aerobic conditioning for ages 10+)

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 (Intense level training seeking high level achievements for ages 13+)

Give Cookie Cutter Trainers the Cold Shoulder

A properly designed ice hockey dryland training program must include all the right ingredients in the correct sequence. Train like a hockey player, not a bodybuilder or an obstacle course racer following some random workout. Premiere has developed specific protocols for the demands of hockey.

Strength & Power

Most hockey players want more skating power. Developing strength & adding power is the easiest way to improve your acceleration. Weight lifting  builds bulk rather than strength. This will only slow you down.  Learn the difference between weight lifting and strength training.

Fast & Quick 

 A combination of strength and mechanics help a skater move efficiently and quickly on the ice. When accelerating, players dig their skates into the ice and lean forward. They are exerting a strong force on the lower part of their bodies by leaning forward.

Don't Waste Off Season

Teams going through fall and winter training together, at Premiere Sports Academy, simply approach  conditioning, education, strength, power and coachability at a different level.  This leads to a cultural positivity that cannot be undone.

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