Increase Flexibility for Kicks & Splits
Learn to Sharpen Athletic Movements
Strengthen Knees, Backs, Ankles & Abs

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Youth Level 

(Introduction to sports training for athletes for ages 6-9)  

   Intermediate Level

(Introductory strength training along with mild aerobic conditioning for ages 10+)    

  Scholarship Seeker

(Intense level training seeking high level achievements for ages 13+)

The Athletic Beauty of the Art of Dance

Premiere Sports Academy incorporates it's one-of-a-kind program into your dance training with alternative custom exercises tailored to your specific requirements as this will enhance your true potential in dance performance. 

Strengthen Joints

Healthy, injury-free ankles require three things: Mobility to elevate to point, Stability for landing with stability & grace and lastly Strength-ability improved body control with every motion.

Athletic Beauty

Back & core conditioning including 
pelvic stabilization,
Leg rotation &  overall strengthening is the foundation. Balance, poise & flow are essential to developing a complete dancer.


Competitive dance teams and traditional companies at Premiere Sports Academy approach conditioning, education, rehearsals & choreography at a different level. This leads to a cultural positivity that cannot be undone.


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