PSA Empowers Kids To Evolve Into Superior Athletic Students

Antonio has created custom strength equipment & cutting edge teaching techniques that allow athletes to get stronger, but to also transfer that strength to their chosen sport.

There are 3 Levels of Intensity

All-Inclusive Classes Offered During The Week

(Sprinting, Power, Strength, Fitness, Athleticism, Body Control, Mental Toughness & More)


Youth Minions Sports Class  (Introduction to Sports Training

Ages 6 - 10     

The AQUA process (Agility, Quickness & Understanding Acceleration), is implemented in a way that highlights the fundamental nature of sports competition. It also helps reduce injuries by developing muscles that stabilize joints. 

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Intermediate Total Sports Academy  (Medium Level Intensity)

Ages 11+  

This class combines fitness & introductory strength training along with mild aerobic conditioning. 

PSA uses research based techniques to create age, sport and gender appropriate programs to enhancing muscular development.  PSA's custom strength training movements are developed by using a combination of custom made strength equipment and state-of-the-art training techniques.

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Scholarship Seeker Ultimate Warrior (Highest Level Intensity)

Ages 13+

This is the most intense level.  Ultimate Warrior is offered to athletes aspiring to make high level travel/club teams and /or athletic scholarships to college. 

Athletes in this level represent the cornerstone of Antonio's career, with a great majority of these athletes having progressed to earn

> National Team Honors

> NCAA Athletic Scholarships

> Professional Sports Contracts

> Player of the Year

> All-state

> All area

> Most Valuable Player

Over 93% of athletes have been offered high school & college scholarships totalling over $73 million dollars.  Ultimate Warrior gives athletes the highest intensity level offered with more personal attention thus class sizes are going to be smaller. These athletes show an unyielding work ethic, poise under pressure and a commitment to training that only 2% of all athletes possess. Semi-Annual minimum registration required, annual registration preferred.                                            

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